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The abyss, a Survival Horror in first-person perspective.

Are you ready to accept the gift of the madness and try to understand the secrets
of the mind ?! If the answer is “yes” then “The abyss” is awaiting you.
Discover the heartbreaking terror, chase many terrifying creatures In this
frightening atmosphere game, but no matter what happens, never play alone in
the dark.
Our story began shortly after a terrible traffic accident, The mind of the main
character got trapped in another world, your mission is to find a way for him to
come out.

Updated 1 day ago
GenreSurvival, Action
Tagsartgame, Dark, FPS, Horror, Surreal, Survival Horror


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The Abyss Demo 1.2.rar 156 MB
The abyss Demo 1.0.rar 143 MB

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i hope this game is be optimized,rate 3/5 stars  

A new update is available The abyss Demo 1.2

I enjoyed it. Eerie atmosphere  very reminiscent of Silent Hill. Reminded me of a Purgatory like transitional stage between life and death. Very surreal and dreamlike at times. I enjoyed it! 

Not a bad game, looking forward to see what you do with it because the demo looks so good!!

The beginning of the game gave me very Silent Hill vibes with the extreme fog and creatures lurking around, but then it turned its whole vibe. I also don't like that nothing in the game really can hurt  you. The monster will actually start walking  if it gets too close, and the spinning spikes don't even reach the walls so you can just walk right past them.  I got a good jump scare from the creepy shack at the end, so I'm really hoping the scare factor will amp up in the full game! Yours is the 2nd game in the bunch

The Abyss is a confusing experience; nothing quite seems to follow any set pattern. Even though the first two full chapters (all 5 minutes of them) are on full display, it’s almost impossible to tell what the overarching narrative is. The worst possible case and the conclusion I came to in my video is that every chapter is supposed to be disconnected from the previous and taken as a single one-off experience, relying on the idea that the player’s character is in a coma and everything is deliberately supposed to be disconnected entirely. 

This randomness bleeds into the character design and gameplay; with the game lacking any tropes of its own, you’ll find random segments that are extremely reminiscent of other experiences that quickly fall apart into other random segments; the entire experience feels janky and devoid of immersion. However, that doesn’t make the game “bad” really, I’m interested in playing the final product, and there may be some obscure story explanation as to why everything appears so disconnected. Still, the obvious conclusion that I came to makes me worry. 

 The ITCH.IO store description also requires a little touching up to make it easier to read, the random

line spacing has me on edge!?

Full video and cynicism below.

This game reminds me so much of cry of fear. From the mental instability all the way to the "story progression". I enjoyed it. 

GGs   :)

Nice game

This game looks very promising, just keep at it and I'll be back for the full game!

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This game was very interesting! A whole bunch of things and scenes, like I was transported into some alternate dimension and I'm getting all these visions. It got a good couple of spooks out of me. Excited for more development and maybe see some more story elements. Looking forward for more! My only suggestion would be an option to turn off the view bobbing, it gives me a headache, lol.

Please check out the video (Game starts at 0:00) and my channel: VladMan


i look forward to the full game

Interesting look forward to more.

Very Jumpscarious :D 

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Hey dude thankyou very much for making a game like this its so amazing I got the silent hill 2 vibes when I played it the atmospheric ambience is unprecidentent I love your game and made a gameplay .And the main theme music its amazing I recorded it. Please license the main music theme I got a copy right claim

Thank you very much for the experience! I got scared a few times and the atmosphere was very similar to the first two Silent Hill games with a pinch of The Ring which I love! Here's my little playthrough (Polish language) Cheers

Ugh that was such a great game!!! I wanted more! I can’t wait till the full game is out!! I’m definitely buying it and playing through it :D

Демо мне очень понравилась, прошу вас не останавливайтесь на достигнутом!

Вердикт: "Советую".

PLEASE release the full game! The demo was just too short! Im super excited to play!! I hope you enjoy my play though :)

Nice demo!

Silent hill vibes for sure! I didn't really understand what was going on, but the end had all the FRIGHTS!

Skip to 22:08.

Show post...

Im scared

Can't wait for the full version. This was great!

I got really strong silent hill vibes from the first part of this game, which is an excellent thing. I'm not sure if it was the mist or if it was just the isolation but you did a great job at creating a desolate atmosphere. I didn't run into any bugs, everything with the game went really well. Overall great job!

same I also got the silent hill vibes too silent hill 2 

Last game I played. Cool stuff

Thanks for the game!

I really wish the demo was longer! Definitely entertaining, I can't say I was really spooked but I definitely want to check out the full product!

I almost died playing this game tbh lol. Its a really cool game and it feels a little like silent hill

Really cool demo! Looking forward to play the rest of the game

Where did the door come from?
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I liked the game very much, I was constantly on my toes. Is the camera supposed to get blurry during movement? Cause I saw another gameplay and camera wasn't blurry at all. Not that I disliked it. And when I played again after recording I saw that I can run through door without waiting for it to open completely. That's all I noticed so far that might be a problem.

Looks very interesting so far - I can't wait to see more of this game. 

How to download? Is this my website stuck?


thank you

Love the first person Silent Hill aspect. Definitely a game I want to see the full version of. Good atmosphere, nice short puzzles, jump scares and creepy noises. Great demo. 

Although it's still early to make a verdict, given its demo nature, this The abyss has enough ideas to come up with something interesting. Especially if we set our sights on that atmosphere that drinks from Silent Hill, one of our favourite sagas.

We look forward to new content that will broaden and enrich the experience we are dealing with.

Greetings and good work.

Wonderful job very well made reminded me alot of silent hill

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